mercredi 16 novembre 2016

lars van de goor photography

"...The Poetry of Nature in The Photography of Lars van de Goor
Interview by Julia May

When I was a child I dreamed of living in a house inside a giant tree in a fairy tale forest. Even now I would prefer such a house to the most luxurious villa without any doubt. This is how I see ideal comfort, home, safety and magic. Enchanting forest which would be a perfect place for the house of my dream is excellently depicted in the photography of Lars van de Goor. I want to introduce to you this wonderful photographer who is a master of reflecting the beauty of nature in his works. It’s amazing that in spite of shooting mostly through his neighborhood, Lars creates such diverse and versatile images: majestic lanes resembling a natural gothic cathedral, lightful edges of elf forests, empty paths and ominous thickets as seen in suspense movies In my opinion, Lars van de Goor is more than just a photographer, he is a photo artist. His technique and the way he post processes images may seem controversial to some people, but I think a photo that creates a special mood in you and makes you believe in magic, pushes everything else to the background..."

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