dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Mary Van Cline

Mariage étonnant, du verre et de la photographie... J'adore!

"...Recognized as a major contributor to the American studio glass movement, Mary Van Cline occupies a unique place in the history of glass. She pioneered the invention of techniques that combine glass and photography. After receiving a Master’s degree in Design and Architecture from North Texas University, Van Cline went on to earn a MFA in Glass Sculpture and Design from Massachusetts College of Art. In the late 1970s she began working with Kodak to develop a positive photo emulsion that could be coated on glass and incorporated into her sculptures. Her working process often combines hot and cold glass techniques, cast elements, and photosensitized glass into one piece. More recently, the artist’s collaboration with industry has enabled her to work on an even larger scale, and to explore pate de verre and mold-making techniques in an architectural context rarely seen with these materials..."
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