jeudi 24 avril 2014

Jose De la Barra

Un bel hommage à la couleur! j'adore...

"...Jose De la Barra was born on 6th August 1956 in Peru. He has created a dream-like world through his expressing the internal and external fantasies of his imagination with his precise talents in painting and drawing. The expressions and the sensual movements that appear in each piece, create mystic allegorias about the universe. By combining his interest in the human form with his desire for symbolic content, he has engendered a language that explains the human condition through a unique perspective. There is a methodthrough whith he develops his art replying on material andcomposition to develop his personal, magical universe…"   
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lundi 21 avril 2014

Brian Baity

"... Eggs as a seasonal metaphor » Baity is well aware of the symbolic meaning eggs hold year-around, but particularly during the Easter season. The breakfast staple represents creation, incubation, the promise of life to come and hidden potential. What most people are unaware of, he said, is the egg's structural outward tension.

"When you take something as fragile as an eggshell and create something like this, everyone looks at it and wonders how it holds together," Baity said. "The question you hear most often is, 'How do you do that?' "

Not breaking eggs » The answer is, of course, very carefully. Baity sketches pencil patterns on the majority of his eggs, purchased from bird breeders and art supply outlets, before carving. Some of his designs, hinting at geometry or ribbonlike patterns cut out of the shell to wrap empty spaces around the body, are traced with the preservation of the egg's symmetry in mind. Others, which etch elaborate baroque patterns into the shell's body, allow Baity to discover just how much of his talent one egg can hold.
Emu eggs come in different colors; the outside of the egg is brown and the inside of the egg runs blue to slate gray to white. Brian Baity can carve an
Emu eggs come in different colors; the outside of the egg is brown and the inside of the egg runs blue to slate gray to white. Brian Baity can carve an image into just about anything, from wood to gourds to a parakeet egg, but eggs are his specialty and have won him awards. Baity uses a dentist drill to carve and grind out his images on a variety of eggs including Ostrich, Emu, Rhea, Goose, Chicken and Parakeet. West Valley 3/26/10 (Leah Hogsten / The Salt Lake Tribune)

Not all eggs are white. Emu and rhea eggs allow Baity to experiment with color hues, etching below the surface just enough to create varying shades.

Precision and a light touch » Entirely self-taught in this esoteric art tradition, Baity said it's a natural outgrowth of his personal obsession with precision under pressure. After serving eight years in the United States Air Force, he attended art classes at Georgia's Valdosta State College, after which he moved to Utah for a job as a metrologist designing and calibrating precision mechanical instruments..."

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vendredi 18 avril 2014

Victor Bregeda

"...Russian-U.S. artist Victor Bregeda was born in 1963 in the city of Taganrog into a family of painters. The artist states that he has been painting since he can first remember himself. After completing his art studies at an art university in Moscow, Bregeda made a decision to go along with his own personal comprehension of what creative art was really all about. This was in direct contrast to the strict rules of the teaching he had received.

He was particularly attracted by the smooth painting espouced by the Dutch school of painting. Those artists who inspired him the most were Leonardo Da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Bruegel, Max Ernst, Nikolai Rerikh, and he states, "I also like the French school of the 18th - 19th centuries...and in addition, the works of Andrew Wyeth. My artistic abilities are in my blood, thanks to my forefathers, and I grew up in a strong creative environment.

Bregeda's key directions are working with Plein Aire Landscapes, still lifes and portraits, performed in a metarealistic style with a strong influence of subconscious philosophy. The artist is using a mélange of techniques, materials and styles and tries to invent new ones. Victor's art is displayed in art galleries and museums nationwide and worldwide. In his works Victor Bregeda shows the real nature of things hidden from empirical understanding. "I base all of my artwork on observation or experimentation...not on theory."

Singers Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow, boxer Oscar De La Hoya have collected Bregeda as have actors Burt Reynolds, Connie Seleca, and John Tesh. Bregeda's artwork commands attention, it is both subtle and powerful. It is timeless, thought provoking, elevating in substance and flawlessly done..."

mercredi 16 avril 2014

Dordogne : une fresque étonnante sur le château d'eau

© Photo

Frédéric Gracia (en bas), sous la surveillance de son frère
Je suis vraiment admirative!

"...Le château d'eau, sur le site du Puy des Ages, est implanté au point le plus élevé de la commune de Saint-Mesmin, à quelques mètres de celle de Saint-Cyr-les-Champagnes.
Le syndicat intercommunal d'alimentation en eau potable (Siap), propriétaire du bâtiment, a fait procéder à son ravalement par l'application d'une peinture d'un ton vert tendre, précédée d'une sérieuse remise en état.
Depuis quelques jours, est entreprise dans sa partie évasée supérieure la confection d'une fresque représentant la flore peuplant l'ensemble de la colline, c'est-à-dire la bruyère. Cette opération est financée à parts égales par les Communautés de communes du Pays de Lanouaille ainsi que Causses et rivières.
Son exécution acrobatique est assurée par un artiste peintre des Hauts-de-Seine, Frédéric Gracia, aidé de son frère qui lui sert de manœuvre. Il opère suspendu à un câble et en surplomb, ce qui n'est pas chose facile…
Le temps s'y prête, le premier motif se termine et, d'ici une quinzaine de jours, apparaîtra le nouveau visage de cet important réservoir..."
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