mardi 26 janvier 2016

Patty Maher

Patty Maher is a fine art photographer based in Caledon Ontario. She derives the inspiration for her photography from an exploration of what stories can be told inside of the theatre of the natural worlds. Working primarily through self-portraiture and portraiture, Patty creates rich vibrant photographs that envision the world in a transformative light. ​

​Patty loves to create in the boundaries between real life and the otherworldly, the surreal and the fantastic.  In telling these stories she invites the viewer to become a co-creator in meaning, leaving the stories open ended but touching on basic and universal emotions.

​All photos are copyright Patty Maher and can not be used without her written permission

Une belle découverte sur facebook! J'adore...

vendredi 1 janvier 2016

Voeux 2016

Je vous souhaite à toutes et à tous, pour l'année 2016
La paix, l'harmonie, une belle énergie, que vos rêves et vos espérances se réalisent