jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Duy Huynh

Un vrai coup de cœur découvert
sur le blog de Zoe
  Duy Huyhn
A su créer un monde magique, mêlé d'émotions poétiques

"...Vietnamese born artist Duy Huynh’s poetic and contemplative acrylic paintings symbolically depict geographic and cultural displacement. With his figures, Duy explores motion along with emotion in order to portray not just the beauty of the human form, but also the triumphs of the human spirit. While much of Duy’s work is deeply personal, his clever and often times humorous use of symbolism and wordplay invites the viewer to create their own storyline..."

3 commentaires:

3 petites notes a dit…

J'aime beaucoup et je te trouve cette page vraiment très belle!
Biz julie

lucette virelle a dit…

A la fois naïf et surréaliste, j'aime beaucoup.

Simon Jones a dit…

very nice work.