dimanche 15 février 2009

Stéphen Hatcher

"...Stephen Hatcher was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1953. He showed an early aptitude for realistic drawing, and after finishing high school earned income as a painter of murals. Though art has been a lifetime interest, several years at the University of Washington led to degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. During his 20-year career as an electronics entrepreneur, Stephen developed numerous cutting-edge devices for the wireless communications industry. Retiring from this field in 2000, he returned to art through his interests in wood turning and stone carving. Merging these techniques led to his unique style of artwork..."

4 commentaires:

Jrosa a dit…

Your blog is amazing! You have done so much by the real world of arts! Keep going - CONGRATULATIONS

Anonyme a dit…

I agree. This blog is AMAZING!


Jean a dit…

Magnifique collection !
Quelle harmonie , quelle élégance !
Du grand art !

Nancy a dit…

Merci! This is amazing work. I would love to see his work up close. Your pictures are fantastic.