dimanche 22 mars 2015

Ralph Bacerra "céramics"


."..Ralph Bacerra’s work continually addresses the beauty of the decorated ceramic surface. Bacerra has maintained a steadfast focus on ornamentation; his meticulous approach incorporates a variety of elaborate non-western techniques, merging the influences of 20th century American studio ceramics with traditional Asian ceramics. Ulysses Grant Dietz recognized, "An entirely different painterly quality began to appear in American studio pots in the late 1970s. Ralph Bacerra was one of the first potters to revive the highly decorative surface, turning to enamels and luster glazes in a way that would have been unheard of in Los Angeles (or anywhere else in the Western world, for that matter) a decade earlier..."

2 commentaires:

Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond a dit…

Incredible. Those colours, those angles, that embellishment....those teapots!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW factor personified.

Lovely to see and read about. Thank you so much.



beatrice De a dit…

trop compliqué pour mon goût !