dimanche 25 août 2019

Flavia Robalo

Fantastique! J'adore son univers onirique et mystérieux

Flavia Robalo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1973.
Since 1984 she makes courses in several art schools and particularly improving her marble carving skills since 1991 as a pupil and assistant of the sculptor Orio Dal Porto. In 1997 she travels for the first time to Pietrasanta, Italy, where continues her formation in sculpture and starts a expositive activity with participation in several sculpture symposiums.

Fantastique! J’adore son univers onirique et mystérieux

lundi 21 mai 2018

GIL KD "Peintre"

Un grand merci à mon fils Stéphane, pour cette belle découverte! Un univers magique, poétique que  j'adore...Je rêve et espère secrètement intégrer , une de ses créations dans mon nouvel espace ....

"...Depuis deux ans environ, une quinzaine de graffs représentant des femmes sont visibles sur les murs tourangeaux. Longtemps restée dans l’ombre, on sait aujourd’hui qui en est à l’origine. Gil KD, habituée à graffer cachée, peint en ce moment en pleine rue, grâce à une initiative de l’office de Tourisme de Chenonceaux Bléré Val de Cher. À cette occasion, nous l’avons rencontrée..."

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Émilie Mette 

Gil KD-27

mercredi 14 février 2018

Kirsten Stingle " ceramics "

J'adore son univers fantastique!!

Storytelling connects us to one another and explains who we are.  In an age when the individual is often alienated, my work attempts to cut through the isolation by presenting common threads of the human experience. A fine arts degree in theater refined my understanding of imagery and taught me to use gesture as a powerful expressive tool when telling a story. It is through figurative ceramics that I am able to incorporate those skills in order to more powerfully realize my narrative impulse.

While each piece is instantly approachable, closer inspection reveals a world in which the story and inner psyche of the character slowly emerges. The ultimate goal of my work is to create honest depictions of the human quest toward self-revelation and a contemporary identity.  And, just as we look to our past as a springboard toward a personal vision of the future, I seamlessly combine discarded relics with my porcelain figures to help tell a story.  The mixed media not only creates an intriguing dialogue of materials but also informs the viewer of the scope of the figure’s journey within each narrative.