mardi 20 mai 2014

kathleen elliot glass


Découvrir son univers magique ici

"...In 2000, at the age of 42, Elliot was accepted to Pilchuck Glass School, founded in 1971 by artist Dale Chihuly. During three consecutive summers she studied with world-class artists Laura Donefer, Robert Mickelsen and Shane Fero. After her study with Fero in 2003, Elliot shifted from glass beadmaking to her "Botanica" sculptures — three dimensional tromp l'oeile depicting intricately detailed botanical life. In late 2006, having established herself in the glass world with her botanical sculptures, Elliot shifted her attention to making botanical life from alternate realities. She credits an otherworldly experience as the catalyst for taking her work outside the representational appearance of her sculptures. For three days in early 2007 she had the experience that Castenada's spirit was with her in her studio, urging her to step further outside of ordinary reality. The piece that emerged from those three days was "I Wonder Where Castenada Landed"..."

Within the glass art community, Elliot is considered amongst the most significant contemporary flameworkers. She was one of twenty artists in the Oakland Museum of California's "Playing With Fire: Artists of the California Studio Glass Movement" in 2012.

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des créations extraordinaires.. inspiration jugendstil, merci monie!