dimanche 22 septembre 2013

Geisha Moments "l'automne"

Je suis vraiment charmée par tant de délicatesse...

Geisha Moments
Très belle découverte sur facebook

Welcome to this beautiful world ~ that is Japan ~ the History and traditions.
I will try to document some aspect of the Geisha / Geiko & Maiko (Apprentice)
their custom, the lifestyle, the costume & dress, the make-up, the hair & share some beautiful images of them..
I will delve into The past & the present Geisha's & the difference between a Geisha, Geiko & Maiko & a Courtesan.
I will be doing blogs, sharing stories & haikus & posting music & video clips.
I hope your enjoy this ride I am emarking on !
It is also about the beauty found in Japan ~ little corners of Hamony & Peace.
The photos I post are not taken by me & I try where posible to add the source of the pictures !

Vintage picture ~ Autumn Leaf Obi ~ A beautiful half profile of a Maiko (Apprentice Geisha) Teru, during the late 1930s.


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