vendredi 11 décembre 2009

Nancy Y. Adams" Créations fantastiques"

Un monde vraiment magique... allez vite découvrir le site

''I want to celebrate all the wonderful living things on earth."

Nancy Adams has spent her artistic career perfecting her skills and paying homage to what is most sacred to her--the natural environment. The heart of her work is the symmetry of her wheel thrown vessels. She loves the way the vessels meet the sky and the vessels look at the edges--very much like the horizon stepping into infinity. She believes this a magical place and one of transformation.

Adams prefers the quiet atmosphere of working alone in her Oregon studio. She individually throws each of her white earthenware pieces and carves motifs including a variety of flora and fauna. Finally, she airbrushes low fire glazes and underglazes onto the pieces in multiple coats before they are kiln-fired.

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Pizarro a dit…

Que cosas mña curiosas y bonitas ,saludos y abrazos.

Eduardo Miguel a dit…

Comme vous marchez Monie ? ma visite à sien blog est de surprise avec autant choses belles, FANTASTIC ! ! !
Le Brésil il étreint atravéz de ma visite, succès et bonne chance.

:.tossan® a dit…

A show of postagem… Amazing

:.tossan® a dit…

A show of postagem… Amazing

Debra@CommonGround a dit…

So nice to meet you Marie, thank you for coming by. Your blog is beautiful with amazing photography of the pottery and art!