dimanche 9 novembre 2008

Hao Boyi

Gravures de Hao boyi
"...For a long time Chinese woodblock prints have been considered the 'poor cousin' of their Japanese counterpart, but having recently discovered the works of the artist Hao Boyi I can without doubt say that this should no longer be the case. As you can see below, Hao Boyi prints are absolutely stunning! They are generally in large formats, with many being around 74 x 53cm in size. Hao Boyi was born in 1938 in Shangdong Province, China. He is not only an accomplished woodblock print artist, but also plays a leading role in several Chinese arts societies, including Director of the China Artist Association (CAA), Executive Director of the China etched Plate Society, Vice Chairman of the Heilongjiang Branch of the CAA, Vice President of Heilongjiang Engraving Academy, and Chairman of Beidahuang Artist Association..."

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